Tuesday, 10 January 2012

my dearest CAPTAIN AMERICA . ;)

kebanyakan org akan rase nak jadik superhero dan nak jumpe superhero . so do i . aq dah jumpe dah superhero aq , my dearest CAPTAIN AMERICA .

but unfortunately ,captain america saya bukanlah beliau .

tetapi , beliau . xD

HAHA . same tak ? same tak ? lain kan ? captain america sy ney , limited edition . ade satu jek dalam dunie ney . and he's mine . ;) 

he is just an ordinary guy . and that is why i fall for him . aww ~ 
i've met him about a year and a half ago . and there is certain reasons why i liked him .
he always makes me laugh . he always makes me smile . he is irritating . he cracks stupid jokes even though he knows i hate them . he don't know how to coax me well . bukan tu jek , banyak lagi . tapi , tak kan nak cerita semua . it is our story , and it is our secret . 

no matter how many times we make each other mad , no matter how many times we quarrel even though it's about simple things , no matter how many times i tell him that i hate him . it didn't make any difference . i still love him and i will always love him . 

he is a guy which completes my life . he is a friend , a best friend , my brother , my enemy and my daily diary . he is all in one . he colours my life with beautiful , pleasant colours . and he never leave me alone .

he is not a perfect person . so do i . but , i can feel the perfection when i'm with him . 
muhammad syazwan , you belong with me baby . 
iloveyousomuch . ;)

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