Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Letters to you.

It has been a blur all this while, it's like I'm in semi conscious; You doesn't even know what you've done and once you turn your head around, it's different from before. I wreck myself up. I know I've been in a mess, I know nothing's gonna change-- well at least not as it get used to. I'm sorry. I know you'll read this (you're the one who tell me that I'm still alive; well at least in here) I'm sorry for all those things that brought me down. Like you've said, we're almost perfect. But almost is never enough. I never thought it'll be this way (we both never did)

I know sorry is not enough. I know that I've bring you down, I left you alone (somehow I think you deserve it, well at least you've learnt) Thanks for being there when I'm at my worse despite things that I've done to you. God, I feel bad abt it.

Honestly, it hurts me to know that once again you'll be with another person. But know this, as long as you're happy with your choice, I'll be happy as well. I'm now your friend and I can't stop you from doing things that you wanted to. I hope she'll take a good care of you. Don't take her for granted like you did to me. Don't you dare to txt other girls and say things that might fucked you both up.

Thank you, MSO :)

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